Jul 15, 2022Liked by Ashley Rodriguez

I just want to second The Summer Book for everyone. I like to read this at the beginning of the summer, every summer if possible. Tove's writing makes you feel nostalgic about experiences you've never had, but (by the time you're done reading the book) long for.

Gonna add a Read All Day Day to my calendar... Maybe a few of them!

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I’m reading ‘Finding Freedom: A Cook’s Remaking a Life from Scratch’ by Erin French. Excellent read and one I relate to quite a bit.

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Jul 19, 2022Liked by Ashley Rodriguez

A Read All Day Day! Oh my, this is something my Mom and I definitely probably did when I was a kid, though we never thought to name it as an official day. It sounds so dreamy! I'm so thankful for days when I can get pulled into a great book, all day, barely surfacing for sustenance.

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