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Fireside is an (approximately) once weekly newsletter featuring stories and recipes.

Topics may or may not (but most likely will) include:

- Eating Seasonally

- Foraging

- Spirituality (with or without the woo)

- Inspiring Reads

- Guilty Pleasures

- And more!

My intention is for this place to be an ongoing conversation where we can get inspired and grow together. I have my ideas of what that will look like but as we continue to get to know one another “my” ideas will become “our” ideas.

I like to think of this space as a quiet yet bright spot in the loud and often overwhelming world of the internet.

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Hi there!

I think it’s also important for me say a quick hello because it’s weird to walk into a party and not know the host.

My name is Ashley Rodriguez (you can call me AshRod, Ash, ARod, etc.)

I have been cooking and talking about food since I got my first pasta machine when I was 9, maybe even before then. Professionally (who knew you could get paid for this kind of fun?!) for the last 15+ years. I started working in restaurant kitchens working on the pastry side and then found my way to writing and photography through my blog, Not Without Salt.

Since then I’ve written two cookbooks; Date Night In and Let’s Stay In. Started an outdoor cooking, foraging, hunting and fishing series with my brother called, Kitchen Unnecessary (which earned us a James Beard nomination! What?!) And basically get to spend my days cooking, writing about cooking, eating and dreaming about what to cook next.

There is of course more to the story but we’ll get to know more about one another on this journey.

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A warm space to gather for nature focused recipes and inspiration.


Ashley Rodriguez

I'm a Seattle-based food writer, nature and forest therapy guide, photographer, and author of two cookbooks; Date Night In and Let’s Stay In.